Summer All Year Round


Want to know what the worst part of California weather is? Nothing. Every day is perfect here and I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. I was born and raised here and have no idea how people can handle living where it snows. Now I don’t want to make anyone from the east coast jealous or angry but imagine being able to walk outside and enjoy this 365 days out of the year:

Yes, living here is as amazing as it sounds.

I have family across the country living in Illinois and I have been there during the winter. I HATE IT. My family always tells me it is just something that they have gotten used to and it makes them appreciate the summer weather more when it finally arrives. You want to know what makes me appreciate the summer weather? NOT HAVING SNOW. I mean seriously, who wants to spend 30 minutes every day putting on layer after layer of clothing just to go to the grocery store? Not this guy; that’s for sure. Alright, now I’m starting to feel a little bit bad for anyone reading this with the summer months quickly wrapping up and snow just around the corner.


So if you read my first blog post; you know that our family had a pool installed a couple of years ago. Now this thing is absolutely awesome, do not get me wrong, but having my little sister around it isn’t the safest thing that we could have. Actually, about 2 months ago my little sister fell in and gave my parents a pretty big scare. She was totally fine and it happened when we were all outside with her so it wasn’t a big deal or anything but it really freaked my parents out. So recently they had a safety fence put in right around the pool to stop her from wondering in. I don’t know where they got the thing but it looks exactly like the fences here and I think pools look way cleaner and nicer without them. But hey, it’s for my little sister and she’s worth it right? Well maybe sometimes she is.

I’m glad that we can rest at ease a little more now that the fence is put it, but I really enjoyed the pool more when it wasn’t in. We have a small diving board for the pool which I love and is what me and my friends have the most fun on and is now barricaded off when my sister is around. It’s pretty easy to take down when she’s inside but it still kind of sucks. The fence also gets in the way of our basketball or volleyball net if we put it up which again is a hassle but I keep telling myself that we have to make it work for the sake of my sister.

If anything serious happened with my sister and the pool my parents would never forgive themselves and would just ruin our lives. We won’t have to have it up forever and hopefully in a few years we will be able to take it down for good and we can all enjoy this California weather together and to its fullest. The moment my sister fell in the pool was something that I will never forget. I remember it perfectly and I remember thinking that I knew it was going to be alright but still just had a feeling of horror when I realized what happened. I’ll save that story for another day.

My House and Family

Welcome To My Blog

I currently still live at home with my parents and 3 year old little sister. We have always lived the typical suburban life and I really don’t have much of anything to complain about in regards to growing up where I live. My parents do pretty well and I have been very fortunate growing up and I have always been super appreciative and thankful for everything that I have. My dad works as an anesthesiologist and my mom works as a physician’s assistant. They both took college pretty seriously and have always been on my case about doing well in school, which I do. I think they would want me to follow in one of their footsteps but I really don’t see myself doing either of their jobs. I don’t think I could ever work in a hospital or doctor’s office, there is just something depressing and sad about the environment and I wouldn’t ever want to have to go every day.

We live in a two story house with four bedrooms in it and a basement. The weather is pretty much perfect all year round and I absolutely love it. The built in pool that my dad had built a few years ago is definitely my favorite part of the house. It has been something that I’ve always wanted growing up and my dad finally agreed to have one put in. I wish I would have had it when I was growing up but at least my little sister will have it to enjoy.

Why Did I Start This Blog?

Do you ever lay in bed at night and before you go to sleep you notice you’re watching a youtube video and wondering how did I ever end up here? Well if you don’t I envy you because that sums up just about every one of my nights before I go to bed. Just to give you an example, this is the last video I watched last night before I realized it was time to go to bed:

Yeah, I know it’s adorable and I am not afraid to admit it. Well my point is I don’t really have many passions in life and I think I waste a lot of my time with nonsense like funny babies annoying dogs. If I took all the time I spent watching these stupid videos doing something productive I would feel so much better about my life. I am so afraid of college because I have no idea what I want to do with my life. So I decided why not do something semi-productive and start writing? I have never been the best writer and I don’t know who is going to find anything I write interesting but it makes me feel better about myself so I’m going to do it.

It also scares me that the only thing that I can say that I really enjoy about college are the girls and the partying. My parents would kill me if they read that. Stay tuned to my blog to see if they end up reading this and for the aftermath!